Adjectives: Where and How We Used Them For Our Betterment?-1

In English, there are many types of words we used for writing correct English. Among them Adjectives are very important to know. There are using to modifying the noun words. Hence, the adjective is a word that modifies or qualifies or adds something to the ex tense the meaning of the noun”.  These words are using for comparing between the noun words.

What are the types of Adjectives? There are three types of adjectives. A) Positive Degree, B) Comparative Degree and C) Superlative Degree.

A) What is positive degree of Adjective? The adjective which expresses the common form, called positive degree of adjective. Some examples can able to making you more clear about it.

1) I am a good girl.
2) He is a tall man.
3) Sita was a beautiful lady. etc

Here, good, tall and beautiful are the adjectives which modify the nouns like girl,man and Sita.

B) What are comparative Adjectives? The adjective which are comparing with other noun words are called comparing adjectives. Following examples are helping a lot to know more about it.

1) I am a better girl than Neha.
2) He is taller than his brother.
3) Sita was more beautiful than Gita. etc

On the above examples; better, taller and more beautiful are the adjectives which are expressing the more of the common form of the words.

When and how to use the comparative Degree? Because of lack of knowledge about the using of the comparative degree, we can makes numbers of mistakes. This is because, most of us don not know when and how to use this degree. There are numbers of way we used this degree. Like as:-

i) Comparative Degree is used when two persons or two groups of persons or things are comparing with each other. Following examples are helping you for your better understanding about that.

1) My husband is taller than his brother.
2) She is more beautiful than her sister.
3) Om is wiser than Mahi. etc

ii) When two different qualities in the same person are compared, there “more” is used instead of “er” to form the comparative degree. Following examples are helping you to understand the adjective better.

1) She is taller than polite.
2) I am wiser than beautiful.
3) Charmi is more intelligent than naughty. etc. The above examples are comparing the two qualities of the same person.

iii) When we selects from two persons or two things, there we used this comparative degree. For examples:-

1) Kangna is abler of her two sisters.
2) Gita is more intelligent to her brothers.
3) He is taller of the sisters. etc. Here, the sentences implies the selections.

iv) If two comparatives are used in the same sentence  to impress upon an idea, both should be preceded by the definite article like “the’. Following examples are helping you to understanding about that.

1) The higher you go, the cooler it is.
2) The more we get, the more we desire.
3) The more we read, the more we want. etc.

Because of lack of space here, I left some other uses of the adjectives. Left adjectives I shall published on my nest article. Please, like,share and comment on it. Thanks


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