Adverbs:-4; Needs For Our Betterment.

For knowing the better grammar we must know all about the parts of speeches. Among them adverb is one. There are many articles publishing which are containing the adverbs. I was writing about the kinds of adverbs. They are three types. Among them, I already explained one that is simple adverbs. Today, I am going to explaining the interrogative adverbs. I like to request all of you, before reading this article, please read my previous publishing articles about adverbs. After reading them, this article is helping you all for knowing the adverbs vastly.

II. What is interrogative adverbs? The adverbs, which are using for asking questions are called interrogative adverbs. There are many types of interrogative adverbs. They are:- a) Time, b) Place, c) Number, d) Manner or quality or state, e) Cause or Reason and f) Quantity or Degree. 

How We Used The above types of adverbs in our day today life? I am providing numbers of examples which are helping you all to knowing them very much.

a) Time: (i)  When you come to me?
(ii) How much time you need for solving this problem?
(iii) When she paid her debt? etc.
(iv) How long will Prem stay here?

Here, when and how much and how long are the adverbs of time.

b) Place: (i) Where is you now days?
(ii) Whither are my mum going to?
Here, where and whither are the adverbs of place which are using for making interrogative sentences.

c) Number: (i) How many of them come to here?
(ii) How often you visit to me?
Here, How many and how often are the adverbs of numbers.

d) Manner or Quality or State:
(i) How Tanvi solved that sum?
(ii) How are you dear?
Here, how is the adverb of manner.

e) Cause or Reason: (i) Why not you come to the class?
(ii) Why he loved me so much?
(iii) wherefore did you run? The bold words are the adverbs of cause or reason.

f) Quantity or Degree: How far is my statement true? Just know it by observing your grammar power.

The adverb “how” is sometimes used in an exclamatory sentences. For examples: How sweet of you? How nice of you? etc

“What” also used as in the exclamatory sentences. Like as:-
What! an interesting story is that? What a beautiful girl she is? etc

These are me of the interrogative adverbs and their uses. Must learnt them heartily and used they for your day today life. Never forget to share them among your friends. Thanks

This article contains some valuable information about the adverbs. Just open the link and know about them.
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