Adverbs:-6; Need For Our Betterment.

All the parts of speeches are vital to know them thoroughly. Among them Adverbs also play a crucial roles in our life. That’s why I am putting my keen interest to making all of you aware about the adverbs. I am already writing all about the kinds of adverbs and their uses in our life. I am very hopeful that, you all make yourselves more powerful by reading them. Today, my article is about the adverbs but, it contains “THE FORMS OF ADVERBS”.

What Are The Forms Of The Adverbs? There are some adverbs which have same forms as like as the adjectives. Following table is helping you all to understand them.

Adverbs Form Adjectives Form
My sister stayed long.
P.T. Usha rans fast.
Come near to me.
My friend was a little tired.
She went on a long journey.
My boss has a very fast mobile.
She is my near relation.
There is little hope for her.

The bold italic words are using as the adverbs as well as the adjectives.

There are some adverbs which are ended with “ly” but, actually they are adjectives.  Such adverbs are as follows:

Adjective Forms Adverb Forms
Richly etc.

Sometimes we also formed the adverbs from participles. Following examples are helping you to know them clearly. Devotedly, knowingly, surprisingly etc.

There are some adverbs which are compounded with the prepositions or other adverbs and making the new words. Some of them are providing below. Therein, thereat, therefore, therefrom, therewith, thereon, thereupon, thereof, thereby etc. Some other adverbs or prepositions are connecting with “here” making new adverbial words are as follows: Herein, hereto, herefore, herewith, hereof, hereby, hereafter etc.

There are some other adverbial words can forming with the word “where” joining with some prepositions. They are follows:- Wherein, whereto, whereon etc.

This article carries about the forms of adverbs. Just open the link and know about them
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