How Important Of July In Our Life?

July is the seventh month of the year in Julian Calendar and Gregorian Calendar.  It is the fourth month of the year having 31 days. The seventh month of the year – July is named after the “Julius Caesar.” Initially, July is the fifth month of the year and it was changed around 450 BCE when January and February month was added to the calendar. Basically during this month we received  lots of rain and our people cultivate in their filed also. This is blessing month of all farmers.

During the normal years, the first day of the July starts on the same day as April. In Leap years, the first day of the July begins on the same day as January. In Normal years, July doesn’t end on the same day as another month, but it ends on the same day as January ends in Leap Years. Larkspur and the Water Lily is the birth flower of July. Ruby is the birthstone for July, and it symbolizes contentment.

There are many important days which are specialized because of their own specifications. Must go through the following table which making you aware about them.


Dates Of July. Importance Of Them.
July:-1 World Doctor’s Day.
July:-2 World Sports Journalist Day.
July:-3 International Plastic Bag Free Day.
July:-4 American Independence Day.
July:-6 International Kissing Day.
July:-7 Global Forgiveness Day.
July:-9 International Mango Day.
July:-11 World’s Population Day.
July:-12 National Simplicity Day.
July:-14 Kumbha Mela Begins.
July:-15 World Youth Skill’s Day.
July:-17 International Justice Day.
July:-18 Nelson Mandela Day.
July:-20 World Jump Day.
July:-21 National Junk Food Day.
July:-22 National Mango Day.
July:-26 Kargil Memorial Day
July:-28 World Hepatitis Day
International Tiger Day
July:-30 World’s Friendship Day

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