How Yoga Helpful For Our Betterment?

Yoga is a way to a better living. It ensures greater efficiency in work and better control over mind and emotions. Through yoga one can able to achieve both physical and mental strength. Today is International Yoga day, you all may aware about that. This day helping us to make aware about the usefulness of the Yoga.

It is an ancient Indian technique of integrating the human personality at the physical, mental, moral and also intellectual levels by means of Yogic activities. It is an ancient discipline that improves the vitality of the regular practitioner. It is also a therapeutic system, which helps in regulating the production of various enzymes and hormones. It has a relaxing effect on the practitioner. In combination with nature cure, it can become a useful healing process.

What is Yoga? Maharshi Patanjali defines Yoga “as the control of the thought waves in the mind. Yoga is a way of life. To live a life beyond the consciousness of body, mind and intellect is its ultimate aim”.

What Are The Effects Of Yoga? Doing Yoga regularly make people more efficient. There are manifold usefulness of the Yoga. It relaxes our body and mind both. It also provides total relaxation to the mind also. Here some of the major benefits of doing yoga regularly. That are as follows:-
(i) many vital organs of our body get activated by doing yoga.
(ii) It keeps our body fit and strong.
(iii) It also help to prevent diseases and prolonged our life.
(iv) It also helping to increases the body flexibility.
(v) Increases blood circulation in our body.
(vi) It reduces physical fatigue and cases menstruation.
(vii) It lowers triglycerides and the blood sugar level.
(viii) Yoga makes people positive minded.
(ix) The Yoga helps people feeling healthy, harmony and well-being.
(x) Finally by doing regularly Yoga, helping to increasing concentration.

This Yoga day you all must take oath that spending fifteen minutes to half an hour for  your own development by doing Yoga every day. Doing Yoga is very simple way to make you a good human being. The people who doing yoga regularly their attitude changes according to time. They becomes healthy, wealthy and wise also.

There are vast numbers of benefits by doing yoga everyday. If you would able to gain a lot from doing Yoga, then why not you spends some times for your betterment. I hope you all may understand the intention of mine. Never forget to share this article. Thanks


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