Why We Know About Month June?

June is the sixth month of the year. It has thirty days. The real summer season started from this month. In this month we received direct rays of sun. So, unbearable heat is everywhere in India. It brings lots of happiness and wedding season with it.

In Latin the meaning of the name June is Juno i.e. young. Juno is the queen of the Gods and patroness of marriage & weddings. She is the Roman Goddess who is the wife of planet Jupiter. This month is the month of weddings. It also known as the Bridal month of the year. Throughout the month we get many wedding dates. Mostly summer vacations are continuing during this month. Instead of all above we celebrate numbers of important days in this month. Like father’s day, Flag day etc. Following table contains the important days of the month.

Dates Of June Important for The Dates.
1-June World Milk Day.
3-June National Cancer Survivors Day.

World Environment Day.

Hot Air Balloon Day.

HIV Long Term Survivors Day.

7-June Global Running Day.

World Oceans Day.

National Best Friend’s Day.

9-June National Donald Duck Day.
10-June World Gin Day.
11-June World Doll Day.
12-June National Red Rose Day.
13-June International Axe Throughing  Day.

Flag Day.

World Blood Donor Day.

International Bath Day.


 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

World Meat Free Day.

Nature Photography Day.


 Fresh Veggies Day.

World Jugging Day.

International African Child Day.


 World Tessellation Day.

World Combat Desertification & Drought Day.


 Father’s Day.

International Picnic Day.

International Panic Day.


 World Refugee Day.

World Productivity Day.


 International Yoga Day.

World Music Day.

World Humanist Day.


 International women’s Engineering Day.

Public Service Day.

International Widows Day.

 24-June  International Fairy Day.
 25-June  World Vitiligo Day.
26-June International Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking Day.

World’s Diabetes Day.

World’s Industrial Workers Day.

28-June Insurance Awareness Day.
29-June International Mud Day.
30-June World’s Social Media Day.

Above Days are very important those people who appears in the competitive examinations. So, you should share among your friends. It may be helpful for them. Thanks as being with me here.

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