Part:-7; Adjectives: Where We Used This For Our Betterment?

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Here, I am going to providing some more uses of the adjectives which are very vital for our day today life.

4. (a) Further means ‘something additional’.
(b) Farther means ‘a greater distance’.
Examples:-  Further discussion will be helding soon.
Our village is farther from cuttack than yours.

5. (a) Less means ‘in a small degree’. It can be using as a noun, an adjective as well as an adverb.
(b) Lesser it is a comparative degree of less. Hence, it is only used only as an adjective.
Examples:- (i) He is said that; he not charged less than hundred for his work.
(ii) My work is less than yours.
(iii) Choose the lesser amount for your services.

6. (a) Mutual means ‘reciprocal’.
(b) Common means ‘belonging to many’.
Examples:- (a) The mutual funds are working very good way.
(b) Diya is our common friend.

7. (a) Little is a negative word. It means, ‘not much or hardly any thing’.
(b) A little is a positive word. It means, ‘some quantity is present’.
(c) The Little is also a positive word. It means, ‘not much but all that is, or ‘what ever quantity present there is’
Examples:- (a) There is little hope for his passing.
(b) He knows a little of everything.
(c) I have spent the little money that I had.

8. (a) First means ‘order or position’.
(b) Foremost means ‘the most notable’.
Examples:- Om is first student to come and last student to go.
(b) He was the foremost officer in this office.

Note:- The words ‘first’ and ‘foremost’ are able to using in a single sentence, when the idea of the sentence is to be intensified.
Example:- Our first and the foremost duty is to love our mother land.

9. (a) Much express as quantity but, used in case of uncountable
(b) Many is express as number and used as countable.
Examples:- (a) There is not much sugar in the bag.
(b) There are many friends of mine are good at English.

10. (a) All shows the total of many things placed together.
(b) The whole of is used as before proper noun.
Examples:- The all are my friends.
(b) The whole of India is observing this festival. To be continue:-

Because of lack of space, I left some of the more uses of the adjectives. Please, like, share and comment on it. Thanks.


Article contains more about the uses of the adjectives. Open the link and know the common adjective words and their uses.
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