Active And Passive Voice:-1; For Our Betterment.

Active voice to Passive voice;know clearly from this article.

In English Grammar, there is a very valuable part to know about the voice change.  Many students are unable to knowing what is this? But, according to me this is nothing but changing of the same sentences in the different form. Here, I am providing some simple formula which helping you all to learning or gaining a lot of knowledge about the voice change. If once you able to gain the formula then you can also able to do it fabulously. I hoped you all may be facing a lot of problems for changing the voice from active to passive and vice versa. But, I am here for making your voice change easy. Just followed me below.

What is active voice?

When the subject of a verb acts itself; the verb is said to be in the active voice. Following examples are helping you a lot for understanding the above definition.
1. He do that work.
2. Charmi is reading a book.
3. Diya will help me.

What is passive voice?

A). When the object of the active voice becomes the subject; the sentence is said to be the passive voice.

B). The passive construction focuses on the action itself.The doer or the subject is not as important as the action.

C). When we want to stress on the process and not on the person or the doer; there we use passive voice.

D). When we don’t know the who is doer; there we used the passive construction of the sentences. Following examples are helping you a lot for understanding my definitions above.
1. That work is done by him.
2. A book is being read by Charmi.
3. I shall be helped by Diya. etc.
Note:- When we used the passive voice? we should force to follow the following rules.

Rule:-1. When the action shown by the verb and the subject is not important.
Rule:-2. When the subject is unknown or not valued in the sentences; there we used passive voice.

Rule:-3. When there is need for objective reporting while describing some scientific or some technical process for changing the voices.

Rule:-4. How we change the verb from the active voice to passive voice?  Following are the some of the rules which are helping us to changing the voices

(a) The object or the group of the object of the active verb is playing as the subject of the passive verbs.

(b) The subject of the active verb is always carry the preposition “by”

(c) The verb of the active voice must have the past participle form of the finite verb.

(d) Some form of the verb like “to be” that are:- be,is,am,are,has been, have been, will be, is being,are being,was being, were being etc. will be used before it.

(e) Some indefinite subjects like;someone,somebody,everyone, everybody,they,people,anyone,anybody etc. are dropped when the sentences are forming into the passive voice.

(f) The tenses of the verb doesn’t change. To be continue:-

Please, read this valuable and useful article about the voice change and trying to used it in your day today life. Please, never forgot to share and comment on it.




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