Adjectives: Where and How We Used Them For Our Betterment?-2

Many things about adjectives are written by me already in my previous article. If you all read it and gains knowledge from it then this article is helping you all for adding more knowledge to you about adjectives. In my previous article I already wrote about positive degree and some where about the comparative degree. Today, here I am liking to write about some of comparative degree and all about the superlative degree.b From where I left my previous article, there I am starting to my today’s article.

v) When one person or thing is compared with another of the same kind, other is used after the comparative degree. In such sentences other is normally preceded by any or all. Following examples are helping you all about this.

1) Krishna is greater than any other God.
2) Kalidas was greater than any dramatist.
3) She is wiser than any other women. etc.

vi) Senior, junior, superior, inferior, prior, anterior and posterior are the seven Latin words, there are always used as an adjective. These words also always followed by “to”. Following examples are helping you for understanding them better.

1) Gita is senior to Sita by four years.
2) This group is inferior to that.
3) He is junior to me in the rank. etc.

The above mentions Latin words never carried than with them. Those words are also used as positive degree.  Another word “preferable” is also used an adjective of the comparative degree. It also followed by “to”. For example:- For me death is preferable to dishonest.

Some other comparative words like as elder, former, latter, inner, outer, utter, upper, hinder etc. have lost their power as using as the comparative degree where as they are used as the positive degrees.

Some words like much, more, far etc. before the comparative degree. Following examples helping about that a lot.

1) Her behavior is far better than him.
2) My husband’s job is much better than any body else.
3) She is more beautiful than Mahi. etc

We should not used the double comparative adjectives in a single sentence. Like as:- We don’t write as My sister is more wiser than me. But, we can write this sentence as like:- My sister is wiser than me.

These are all about positive degree and comparative degree. I hoped I am able to clearing about both the adjectives. There is lack space, I stop writing about the superlative degree here. I promised I shall be writing about the superlative degrees in my next articles. Till then you most known clearly about these two adjectives. Please, never forget to like,share and comment on the article. Thanks.

Open the link and known more about positive and comparative degrees.
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