Adjectives: Where and How We Used Them For Our Betterment?-3

In my previous two articles, I already wrote about positive and comparative degrees of adjectives. I hope I am able to clear you all about them. They are very vital for knowing your better English. If you would really oriented about English, follow my site and it’s articles. That are very helping you a lot for gaining knowledge about your English. Today, I am going to writing about the superlative degree of the adjective.

Superlative degree:- It expresses the most of the common form of an adjective. For example:- My husband is the ablest man of the office. Here, ablest is the superlative degree of able.

Following table helping you all to know more about three degrees of the adjective.

Able Abler Ablest

This is common for of the adjective i.e. positive degree.

She is able to do that work.

This is comparative degree.

He is abler than Rohit.

This one superlative degree.

I am the ablest among my team members.

 How and when to use the Superlative Degree? There are numbers of uses of this form of the adjective. These are:-

(i) The superlative degree is used when more than two persons or things are compared. Some examples are helping you for your better understanding.

1) She is the most beautiful girl in my class.
2) Om is the best student in his school.
3) Deepak is the most intelligent student in his college. etc.

(ii) The Superlative Degree is generally preceded by “the” and followed by “of” in most of the cases or otherwise not. Following examples are helping you a lot for understanding this.

1) Sita is the most beautiful lady of the world.
2) She was the best writer in her time.
3) River Ganga is the longest river in India. etc.

(iii) When an adjective of the superlative degree  is preceded by a possessive adjective or a noun in the possessive case. Here, “the”should not used before it. Following examples helping you all a lot for understanding the adjective.

1) Which is mine best article?
2) My eldest brother lives in Puri.
3) This is my best article. etc.

In the above three cases, the word “the” should not used before superlative degrees.

(iv) To intensity the degree of comparison, “by for” is used before the superlative degree. Following examples helping you a lot to understanding the adjective.

1) India is by for the most beautiful country of the world.
2) The granth Gita is by for the greatest granth.
3) Kalidas was by for the ablest play writer in his time. etc.

(v) We should always avoiding the using of double superlative degree in a sentence. Examples:

1) We can’t say: He is the most strongest boy in our class. Instead of that we can say: He is the strongest boy in our class.

Here, both most and the strongest are the superlative form. Hence, we can’t used them in a single sentence. To be continue:-

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