Adverbs:-10; Needed For Our Betterment.

Before reading this article please, at least read my 9th article about adverbs. This article and 9th one are connected to each other. There I already wrote about the adverbs like much, very, too, enough, little, a little and the little. Here, this article contains more special adverbs and their uses in our day today life. They are as follows:-

Since: This is a word which is using as adverb that is an adverb of time, a conjunction of time or a preposition of time. Here, some examples are helping you all for understanding that.
(i) The things which I purchased from market, I remembered them ever since.
(ii) He told me last week and has spoken of it several times since.

As a conjunction it signifies from which time. Following example helping you to understand it. It is now a week since the school broke up.
When we using this as a preposition, it signifies from. Following example is making you aware about that.
I have been writing this since four o’clock.

Ago: This word is using as both adverbs as well as adjectives.
(a) As an adverb, in the expression long ago. Following example helping you for your better understanding.
Odisha was called as Kaling long ago.
(b) As an adjective always following its noun. Following example helping for your better understanding.
This happened a month ago.

Before: This word is also using as the adverb of time as well as using as the conjunction of time and also as a preposition.
(a) Using as a adverb of time: Following example can helping for your better understanding.
My sister did this once before and she will do it again.
(b) As a conjunction of time: it is following by a verb in some present tense. If the verb is in the principal clause then it is in the future tense. Following example helping for your better understanding the above lines.
The crops will die before the rain fall.

(c) We used this word as the preposition also. It signifies earlier than. Following example helping for your better understanding the above.
My brother reached airport before plain landing.
The accused stood before the jury. etc. To be continue:- 

Because of lack of space, I left this article here. Till then please, read this yourselves for your own betterment and share it for others’. Please, never forgot to left comments on it which are playing vital roles for me. Thanks

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