Adverbs:-11; Needed For Our Betterment.

There are lots of usefulness of the adverbs in our life. For learning English language, it plays a vital role. So, there are lots of information about adverbs, we should know them. I already wrote many valuable information about the adverbs. Also on my previous article, I wrote some special uses of the simple adverbs. Today, here I am writing more about them.

Already: This is an adverb which denotes that something has happened prior to the time it mentioned or thought. Following examples are helping for your better understanding the above.
I already wrote about them.
She is already my good friend. etc

There This adverb is signifies the place but, it frequently stands as the first word in a sentence, where it has merely an introductory value and has no significance of place. The following examples are helping you for your better understanding of this adverb.
There is a famous place here.
There were many kings ruled over India. etc

Else This is an adverb which always followed by but and never followed by than. Following examples are helping best for your understanding.
Nothing else but doing my daily work.
It is nothing else but my article. etc

Never This is a negative adverbial word. Following example helping you to know this adverb.
I never did that work.

Quite This is also an adverbial word which means perfectly or completely. He is a quite good friend of mine.

The above are the many numbers of adverbs which are playing some important roles in our life. For gaining perfect English language, we should know theirs perfect uses. I hoped for some extension, I am able to cleared all about the adverbs. I shall wrote more uses of the adverbs for your best knowing about this part of speech. Till then I request all of you please, read all my articles about the adverbs for yours’ own betterment and share it for others. Thanks

Many special uses of the adverbs given here. Just opening the link know about them.
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