Adverbs:-3; Needs For Our Betterment.

There were two articles about the adverbs already written by me and publishing on my site also. Before going to open this article, it is very essential two knowing about the previous two. Therefore, you all should go through them before this one. There I explained about the adverbs and also published the types of adverbs. Only some were there. This article also contains the more types of adverbs. I already wrote about adverbs of Time, Place, numbers. Here, am going to writing about some more types of adverbs. They are very vital to know for ours betterment.

4. Adverbs Of Manner: How we behave with our day today situations are called adverbs of manners. It also named as the adverbs of quality or adverbs of state. Following examples are helping you all for understanding the above statements.
(i) Charmi spokes loudly.
(ii) Dhruvi did her work slowly but surely.
(iii) Vidhi worked honestly. etc Here, loudly, slowly and surely then honestly are the some of the adverbs of the manners. Some other main adverbs of manners are:- badly, probably, certainly, conveniently etc.

5. What is adverbs of quality? The adverbs which are exp ailing about the quality of the nouns are called adverbs of quality. They are also called as adverbs of extent or degree. Following examples are helping for understanding the above statements better.
(i) My brother is a quite intelligent boy.
(ii) He is clever enough for me.
(iii) She is a very beautiful girl. etc. Here, words like; intelligent, clever and beautiful are the adverbs of quality. Other words which are using as the adverbs of the quality are as :- very, much, quite, little, a little, rather, half, so etc.

6. What are the adverbs of Denying? The words which are using as for denying something are called adverbs of denying or adverbs of affirming. Following examples are helping you for understanding my statement.
(i) My friend did not come after all.
(ii) Yes, I am going to college now.
(iii) No, she is not my best friend. etc The bold words are the adverbs of denying. Some other words which are using as the adverbs of denying are as follows:- not at all, never, by all means, not, yea, nay etc.

The words YES or NO are called the pro-sentence or substitute adverbs also. Examples
(i) Yes, is substitute for an affirmative sentence and
(ii) No,substitute for a negative sentence. As the pronouns are helping to save the repetitions of the nouns like this adverbs are saving the repetitions of the sentences.

All the above adverbs are the simple adverbs. On my next article I shall wrote about the interrogative adverbs. Till then read this article and like me on Facebook and share this one among your friends. Thanks.

Open this link and know about more types of adverbs.
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