Adverbs:-7; Needed For Our Betterment.

In my previous article, I wrote all about the relative adverbs with forms of adverbs. They are very essential to know about English language. They are playing a crucial role in our life. The adverbs and adjectives are looking like similar but, actually they are far difference from one other. By reading one by one articles of mine, you can able to handle the language effectively. Therefore, I request all of you please, stay with me and clear all about your English. Today, I am going to writing about adverb phrases and many other things about the adverbs. I hope you all gaining a lots from my articles.

What are adverb phrases? There are a large numbers of phrases in English language, among them adverb phrases are very valuable to know them. Some adverb phrases are:-
1. A preposition followed by a noun: At random (aimlessly)
of course (necessarily), at length (finally), in fact (actually), of a truth (truly) etc. are the phrases of adverbs.

2. A preposition followed by an adjective: Some of them are as follows:- In general, in particular, in short, at large, in vain, on high, after all, at first, at last, at least, at all, at most etc are the adverb phrases.

Where We Place the Adverbs in  a sentence?
A) If the word or the group of words to be qualified is an adjective or an adverb or a phrase, the qualifying adverb is placed immediately before it. Following examples are helping a lot for understanding a lot.
(i) Charmi spoke very calmly.
(ii) I stood far apart from the cow. Here, calmly and far are the adverbs.
B) If the verb to be qualified is intransitive, the qualifying adverb is placed immediately after it.Following examples are helping you to understand better.

(i) I laughed heartily at the joke.
(ii) Priya spoke foolishly about the topic.
The adverbs which are denoting time are an exception to this rule. Such adverbs are placed before and not after the verb they are qualify. Following examples are helping for your better understanding.
(i) I seldom visit the market.
(ii) She sometimes spoke about Gandhiji.
(iii) My friend often come to me. To be Continue:-

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