Applications of Past Indefinite Tense.

Today, I am writing many questions which are helping you to practicing your past indefinite tense. You all may learn the tense from my previous articles which are about the past simple tense. The questions are helping you a lot for gaining more and more knowledge about the tense. Therefore, you all should solved the questions which I provide here.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verbs providing in the brackets.

1. Diya________here before. (come)
2. We all __________to the school. (go)
3. I _____an article. (write)
4. ____you_______me your homework? (Shaw)
5. ____my friend________the place before? (visit)
6.I_________not______you before my marriage. (know)
7. You_______not________for your leave till Monday. (apply)
8. _________Hari_________the office. (attend)
9. _________I not ________ the zoo before my anniversary. (see)
10. He____try for his best for getting the packet,but was not able to do so.
11. The children________at the tigers in the zoo. (saute)
12. ________he________the office late on the morning? (reach)
13. Gandhiji always_______the truth. (speak)
14. I_______out for a morning walk daily last year. (go)
15. A thief_____into the house door last day. (Break)
16. My husband___________a new office last month.(join)
17. I_________my secondary examinations in the year 2007. (pass)
18. I used to______ a few chapters of the Gita in my childhood. (read)
19. My family________in this house for fifteen years. (live)
20. While he_______news paper,he_______the latter. (read,receive)

These are the some questions which are based on the past simple tense. You required to solved them and make yourselves perfect about the tense. Their answers are as follows:-

(1.came 2. went, 3. wrote, 4.did show, 5.did,visit, 6.did,know, 7.did,apply, 8.did,attend, 9.did,see, 10. 11. saute 12..did,reach etc ).

Other questions left for you. If you are able to then send me your answers and if not then also write me comments on Facebook or on messenger. Thanks

Open the link and practice the questions for your betterment.
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