Applications Of Present Continuous Tense.

I, already wrote about the present continuous tense and where we use them. Today, I am going to write about some applications of the tense, i.e. where we apply this tense in our day to day life. You all may aware about that, things or lessons which we learn, that must required where we apply that. So, applications are the equal value that we learn something in our life. Therefore, I am like to provide you the applications of the tense that I already wrote. There are numbers of applications of present continuous tense. Here I am writing questions about the tense and you all required to practice them yourselves for self valuations. Then I am also writing here their answers for your help.

I am very hopeful, because maximum numbers of my friends are getting lots of benefits from my easiest way to writing tenses. Thanks all of you friends. Your loves and affections are my strength. Never forget to write comments and share the article among your friends. Following are some questions which are helping you for your practices. Questions are like following:-

Fill in the blanks with using the correct form of the verbs provide in the brackets.

1. Why________you____a noise? (make)

2. Students____________in the play-ground. (play)

3. We __________for Delhi a day after. (visit)

4. What__________your brothers_________now a days? (be verb)

5. We_________going to Market now. (be verb)

6. Geeta_________a book now. (read)

7. My friends are_________ to me this time. (talk)

8. All my family members ________to Goa. (visit)

9. They__________rest. (have)

10. Sita_________ t0 her school. (go)

11. We____________together during exam. time. (read)

12. Water__________from the running tap. (flow)

13. ________you _________me. (love)

14. I____not___you. (love)

15. Why _______you_____so fast? (run)

16. ________he_______you to the party? (be verb,invite)

17. The singers are___________a chorus. (Sing)

18. Diya__________not_________. (weep)

19. ___I________lie? (be verb and tell)

20. _________she______for me here? (be verb & wait)

21. I_________not _________in the examinations. (be verb & appear)

22. The farmers______________. (be verb+harvest)

23. We______not till good friends. (be verb)

24. Birds_________ in the roof of the house. (sit)

25. ______they my good friends? (be verb)

Above questions are helping you a lot for gaining more knowledge about the present continuous tense. So, you all most practice them yourselves first. Then you are matching your answers with answers provide below.

Answers:-(1.are,making 2.are,playing 3.are,visiting 4.are,doing 5.are,reading 7.talking 8.are,visiting 9.are having going 11.are,reading,flowing 13.are,loving, loving 15.are,running,inviting 17.singing,weeping,telling,waiting next five try yourself )



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