Where We Apply Present Perfect Continuous Tense?

I, already wrote the simplest way of present perfect continuous tense. Today, I am writing about where we use this tense in our day to day life. You all have a great responses about my way of writing these tenses. For that I most be oblige to all of you. Without yours contribution and support, I am unable to write any single word. Therefore, I request all of you most spending only five minutes from your times, and gain a lot for this articles. And make me proud as being your friend.

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I hope, you all most learn about the present perfect continuous tense vastly. Now, here I am writing about the applications of this tense. I.e. where you used this tense. There are numbers of places where we used this tense. Such as:-

1. When an action that began in the past,is still continue and it may be continue into the future, there we use this present perfect continuous tense. For example:-
My family has been staying in Delhi since last twenty years.
We have been reading these books for 2 hours.
They have been playing cricket since morning.
I have not ever been to market from last one year.

2. This present perfect tense is used to express an action in a sentence,which begins with “for how long” or “since when”. For example:-
For how long have you been reading this book?
For how long has she been taking time to do that work?
Since when have you been staying with me?
Since when Palak has been going to market? etc.

3. Action began at the past, but just now completed, there we use this present perfect continuous tense. For example:-
I have been working since morning but now I am not able to more.
They all have been doing that work since 9 o’ clock and stopped just now. etc

Now, I am telling you where we use “since” and “for” in this tense. Generally, pupils are confused where they use these two words in the present perfect tense. So, I like to differentiate both of them. Since is used for a point of time; like as:-
Since morning, since 2010, since my childhood etc.
Where as we must used “for” a period of time; like as:-
for five hours, for a week, for a generation etc.

Here, I clear your confusion for using of SINCE and FOR. If you are not understand that, then you may write me. I am trying to my best for making your doubt clear. Please, share among your friends and comment on the article. Thanks.


Open the link and read where you use the present perfect continuous tense.
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