Where We Apply The Present Perfect Tense?

I already wrote the present perfect tense. Today, I am writing about it’s uses i.e. where we apply this present continuous tense? If you all already learnt about the tense, then this is helping you for further study. You all should know about the applications of those things which you learnt. Therefore, I like to write this. I am hoping for your betterment. You all should know that, yours betterment is my aim or desire. Again if you would not help yourselves, then there is no-body in this world help you for that. Hence, I always request you all for your betterment. Please, try for that yourselves also. When you orientated about your betterment, then only God helps you for that. I hope you all understood my way of talking and trying to your betterment ahead.

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Where we Apply the present continuous tense? There are many cases where we apply this tense. They are as follows:-

1. We use this tense there when an action taking place on the time of which is not given. For examples:-a) We all have left for Delhi. b) They have visited Goa. c) I have seen a monkey in the beach. d) You have loved to go there. etc.

2. To express an actions those have been recently completed, there we most use this present perfect tense. For examples:-a) I have just received her massages. b) Our team has won the match sometimes before. c) We have a baby some days before. d) She has completed her MBA course just last month. etc.

3. When we describe our past experiences, we used there this present perfect tense. For examples:- a) We all have seen the cricket many times. b) They have visited me many times before. c) Has Prem ever been to London? d) Papu has failed many times in politics. etc.

4. The actions began in the past but till continues, there we used this present perfect tense. For examples:-a) My husband has worked this company from last five years. b) I have not visit the market since last month. c) We have not seen each other from last two days. d) I have not lived in Delhi from last months. etc.

Tomorrow I will write about it’s uses by providing questions. Till then you all most prepared yourselves for applications of the tense. I hope these tenses are helping you a lot for gaining English language a lot. Thanks all of you as being my friends here. Please, share and comment the articles.

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