How Attitudes Helpful For Our Betterment?

This is my hundredth article,so I am very happy to writing about the topic ATTITUDES. This word itself is very meaningful. If you add all it’s alphabetical order values,then it’s sum is hundred. Hence,it is a vital to know about this word. You all may heard this word and also use it in your life many times but,actually it’s meaning is known by some of us. Therefore,I am trying to my best for making aware about the word ATTITUDES.

What are Attitudes? Attitudes are evaluative statements that relating to objects, people or events and thus, it reflects, how one feels about something. Attitudes are predispositions of opinion towards objects or people. Hence, it relates to a more or less stable set or predispositions of opinion, interest or purpose involving expectancy of certain kind of experience with an appropriate response.

The word attitude is neither behavior nor a cause of behavior. It is an intervening predisposition. It indicates how an individual is likely to behave in a certain situation. It is a set of action with an emotional overtone.

From Where attitudes Come? Attitudes are specific, it is acquired from parents, teachers and from peer groups. During our early age, the individual starts modelling our attitudes those who admires, respects or fears. The child follows and observes the way it’s family members and friends behave and the child forms it’s attitudes to relate with them. The child may also copy from it’s popular persons.

What are the Significance and Functions of Attitudes? Attitudes are of utmost significance in view of their vital role in determining both satisfaction and performance of the individual. Attitudes are also called the “frame of reference” and thus provide the back-ground against which facts and events are perceived.

What are the functions of the Attitudes? There are at least four types of attitudes‘ functions like as determination of meanings, reconciliations of contradictions, organisations of facts and selections of facts.

1.In first type of Attitudes determine the meaning of what is seen in the environment. If an individual has a favorable attitude towards another individual, the former tends to judge the latter’s actions as ‘good’ or ‘superior’. However, if he holds a negative attitude towards the other person, he may be prompt in disagreeing with the person and fail to appreciate any good did by him.

2. The second types of attitudes reconcile contradictions in the opinions of people. With the help of a proper attitude as a back-ground. It is possible for an individual to reconcile or rationalize actions which to another individual are obvious contradictions.

3. The third types of attitudes organize facts. Accordingly, objective events can be perceived differently by different people with divergent attitudes.

4. Fourth type of Attitudes also facilitate the selection of facts. An individual tends to select only those facts and stimuli from the environment which are consistent with his cherished attitudes. Thus, attitudes act as a screen or filter.

Is Attitude Changeable? If we are trying to our best then we can able to change our negative attitudes. Hence, the attitude can be changeable. Attitudes of people can be changed by  (a) overcoming barriers to attitudinal change and (b) using specific strategies.

From the above discussions we conclude that Attitude is a human behavior and it has many categorizes,it can be changeable over all
1. Attitude is positively associated with efficiency
2. Attitude can be improved through action-research.

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This is my hundredth article about Attitudes and You all should know about it and types also their functions.
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