We should BAN Child Labor for Our Better Society.

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A. We all know that a child is a gift for our family as well as for our society. They are the bright future  of our nation. Instead of all of these somewhere they are not able to get proper life-style. Some are going to bus-station,some are found on railway-station or others are like to go for cultivation. Many children are affected due to poverty. So, I got many inspiration from different places of our society and like to dedicate this article those person who have vast heart and broad-mind to recovered them from that.

B.In India above 80 million children are living under poverty line. They are forcefully worked in different places for their as well as for families livelihood. Instead of going to schools, many for they send for working in many health-hazardous industries. Some are also force to beg on the road-side. Some are force to work as a servant in many houses.

C. Some family has no way to send them school instead of send them others house. There they worked in different conditions. Some children are also found on the street for selling some-thing for their livelihood. Some of the poor family totally depends on them. so, they are  forcefully choose to go for work or for begging on the street.

D.Many children forget their childhood life-style because of their family burden. They are going to living their adult life within their age of twelve. There are many rules and regulations for saving such children. Instead of of that they are forced to work in road-side dhabas. Some small girls are also send to working in brick kilms.

E. Everyone talks about them. They make many rules for sending such children to schools. But, all of them are in vain. The politician came and promises a lot but, nothing is the result. The poverty-stricken parents want their children to make some money for their family support.

F. These conditions are happening because of poverty and lack of educations. Therefore, if we want a better society we should required to make our future generation brighter. The rules and regulations written on the paper should worked out. Child-labor should totally band. Every-person has some contribution for this. If these are possible then only our Society get improved and we all lived peacefully. The day when all our children able to go to for education,our nation got really a improved category. From that day it’s development started.

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