Benefits of Chanting “OM” In Our Life.

We all should aware about the creations of GOD. First the GOD pronounce the word “OM”. This word has its omnipresence. One who practices this word regularly, gets a lot of vitality by it. There are numbers of benefits. This word is a complete version of itself.
How To Pronounce? When someone going to practice this word; first she/he must take birth after completing all his/her morning freshness. Then sit comfortably on a mat upward erect. You should not affected with any noise around you. Then inhale deeply and making the sound OM when exhaling. Repeated the process for about 108 times for enhancing maximum benefits.

When You Do This? You should choose any time for this chanting, but it has maximum effect at the early morning time or in the Brahama Muhurta. At this time atmosphere is clear and every where is clean air no noise and no other hampering. You should select the time for your benefits.

Benefits:- Chanting “OM” is the best spiritual,physical and mental exercise. One needs to perform daily to live a fulfilling happy and healthy life style. Sounding “OM” takes us back to the creation of Universe and it’s power. When someone enchanting “OM” she/he align her/his chakras for pranic  or the life force energy flow without any hampering. Chanting “OM” improves our blood circulation process,reduces our stress,make us focus and enhancing our concentration power. It also reduces anxiety and depression,relaxes our muscles,improves nerve functions also improves digestive power. Above all this chanting provides us a complete sense of controlling our life style.

With chanting “OM” we should start generating better ideas,perceptions,improving our thinking power and talking more positive way.Our working efficiency improves tremendously and we get more productive power also. We also find ourselves more balanced ,happier and satisfied people in our life. By chanting this also improves our personality and the person becomes more attractive than others. One who chant “OM” forms a layer of positive Aura around his/her body which can be easily realized by others.

This chanting enhancing our ability to take better decisions in our life. This practice gives us success,peaceful life style and a lot of joy in our life.This chanting is the best for matching our body,mind and the universe. The students who are dull in his study should advise to practice this chanting for improving his study power. There are thousands of benefits by chanting the word “OM”.

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