For better life keeping Healthy Life-style.

  • Creating Good Company:As we all aware about that a good person never do harmful things for his or her companion.She/he always want doing good for his/her friend.As we know that the intellect becomes mean with the association of slanderers bu remains stable in the association of equals and become superior with the companion of those who are superior from us.So, we reap fruits acording to our companions or friend circles.Therefore, we should always careful for creating friends or companions. Those people who are associate with good people/company are redeamed. While who fall into bad company one-day meet with his/her destructon.
  • Evil company destroys good vertues that you have possed by yourself from your family members and such evil person feared by those who recognise that person’s truth.The bad company leads one to degenerate very quickly.As we know that drawing water from a well is very hard but pouring that water into the well is very easy.Similarly be a good man required once whole life but spoiling that life is required just a minute.So, my request to all of reader who going to this artikle please be careful to create friends/ companions.
  • I sugest my viwers that if you would unable to get a good friend then can’t create a bad one.You may go through good BOOKS. A good book learning means getting betterment once life.So, I always sugest my students that without getting bad companies they should get a good book.Now it is a world wide problem to get a good friend.But, it is eas to get a good book.
  • People who aware about our national capital most know that it is very hard to get a good friend there.So, most of my students belongs to that place and I always sugest them not make a friend there.Instead of that they should get good books.The books can help them for their betterment life.One can engage his/ her lesser time by reading News papers,gardening and learning cocking etc.
  • Now a days internet is very powerful medium can spent your lesser times.Without getting bad friends it easy to get internet which can help someone more than a friend.As we know that internet is a medium one can learn every thing that he/she want to be.Its use is vital but handling of it is very important.Friends there are many ways one can make his/her life better.Thanks to all who like to reading my artikle and utilising it in his/her life.
  • Doing yoga and pranayam: For better life style healthy body is playing a crucial role.One can achieve everything in his/her life by getting good health.There is a kahawat lossing wealth is nothing lost but lossing health means lossing something in the life.For keeping healthy body or mind regularly doing yoga and pranayam is very important.During early morning time it is far better to do yoga or pranayam.Every alternate day you can choose for that.Spending only half an hour everyday one can easily gain healthy brain and sound body.Mostly it is very helpful for students.It creates stamina in the body as well as in the mind.It also able to makes beautiful and attracktive body.Through Ramdev baba people somewhere get awareness about these things.I am also learning from him many yoga actions and pranayam from him as well as by reading many good books about that.
  • Pranayam has capable to make one calm and cool.It plays a vital role for removing different types of diseases.It also helpful to make a man younger from his/her actual age.It increases once brain power.It also helpful keeping away doctors.
  • There are different types of pranayams.Among them capalavirti and olam-vilam plays crucial roles.So, I have special request the students who are wanted to achieve good marks and better life style can practce these.
  • Building good character: I hope everybody aware that “if wealth you loss nothing you loss, health you loss then something you loss but character you loss then everything you loss”.So, for getting betterment in your life you should aware about that.It helps to standing in the socity without fearing any body else.A good character people can like a jewel for his/her socity.It has so powerful effect that the good character person can never neeld down anywhere in this world.She/ he has a good moral value as well as good vertue.
  • The character is generally build from his/her family.Parents can passes this to their offsprings and help them to be a good citizen for their country.A good character person not only helpful for socity but helpful to create a better environmental conutry.So, parents who go through this artikle please leart your offspring about the values and vertues of good character.
  • Maintainning Pontuality and Regularity:For betterment of life it plays a vital role for keeping pontuality and regularity.It means that every day doing your any work at a particular time.For example “if you are a school going student then it is important to reached the school before time or on time that’s called pontuality.If you maintain this quality everyday then it is called as regularity.Now a days many students have lack of these qualities due to which they may lacked anywhere in their life time.The person who maintain these qualities can able to reach peak of his/her life as he/she wishes for that.
  • Doing Hard-Work:Doing your work everyday at a fixed time and neat&clean way refors this.I am not advise you to read throughout night,whole day or not taking break.But, Iike to told you that do your work as for you.That means if your a student then always trying to read your betterment nothing else.Now a days many students have no interest about their study instead they like to go for playing games,facebooks,any other internet facilities etc.These habits make them lethargy and inactive and discarded them from their studies.
  • Ditermination:It is crucial to be ditermint for your work what you like to do and what will be wanted to do.If you focust about your work then you never lead down throughout your life.It helped you for your better future and betterment of your life.
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