How to do Better Mathematics & Scoring Better?

For better Mathematics score, you should stay this side with me and I  can teach you here for better score.There are many easy ways of scoring better at Mathematics. Neither required to spending too much time for it nor reading many books or any other materials for it.Just be cool and follow my rules here.

1.My first advise is that you should do your everyday home-works.Then you are trying to understood it.Next you should go through your book from where that Maths. teaches you.Now you should do all the examples available in your study-material.Again you go through all your exercise questions and trying to do them.If you are unable to handling them then you should take help from your sister,brother,mother,father or your Tuition teacher.If all are failure to clear you then you should take help from your class teacher and also you can take help any other person also.

2.Secondly I like to advise all of you that for scoring better maths. then you should Practice everyday it for one hour.Select a particular time rutting way and regularly go through it.Then again do that weekly maths. that you are did throughout the week again on Sunday morning.It takes only one an hour to covered the weekly maths.Again repeat it after one month.You should follow these rules and can able to get more and more score than your before scored.

3.   For doing quick maths. you should remembering tables up to 30 and trying to remembering square & square roots up to 30 and cube & cube roots up to 20.After all that the formulas you studied throughout your different classes you remembering them and using as possible.Again you go through your reference books provided in your schools or collages.For getting  more score and quick mathematical solutions you should follow Magic Mathematics.This is a book that can help you solve your problems as soon as possible.Day will come when you are become quicker mathematics solver.

4.Above all I want to suggest you all that be calm and cool.Do Pranayam and Yoga.They help you a lot for gaining a better life style and handing all the situations as you all facing in your day today life.For betterment you should go through my articles those are helping you a lot.

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