Causes Of Population Explosion-1

Yesterday, I already published an Article about topic “populations explosion”. Today, I want to write about the causes of populations explosion. That means why India’s population increases so fast? You all  may aware about that why India’s population increases so fast. I endeavor here my best to put my views about the topic. From Independence day to now our country’s population increases very fast because of following causes.

Illiteracy problem: More than thirty percent people in India are illiterate. They have no ideas about the harmful sides of the populations explosion. They never mind for producing more numbers of children. According to their mind set, they thought that children are given by God. So, Why they prohibited that? Hence, they never control the boring of child. Consequent is that population increases in India very quickly.

Child Marriage System:  In India till now many state’s people believed about child marriage system. They are believing to get married from their childhood. As they get married from their childhood, they are not aware about the bad effects of populations explosion. Therefore, they gets numbers of children. Because of that our country’s population increases very fast. It hampering their life as well as our country’s. So, we should make aware about the bad effect of childhood marriage to they. It should be ban. It may be helps to controlling our country’s populations.

Poorness affect it: Also poor people are unaware about the populations of India. How India’s economic system affected with the increasing numbers of people. Poor people thought that getting more children means their economical status changes. But, actually happens other things. They are unable to give their children proper life style. They are unable to send their children good schools. So, such children are unable to get good educations. Hence, that hampering their own life as well as country’s economic system. Hence, poorness can also one of causes to increasing our country’s populations.

Unawareness: Maximum people in our country are unaware about the effect of increasing rate of populations. They are not worried about economic development of our country. They thought more populations means more increment. That mind set hampering our country’s economic system as well as the personal life of theirs own. So, it is needed to make aware about the people about bad effect of increasing populations. By using different multimedia system we can make aware to them about the effects of increasing populations in India.

There are many causes that helps to increasing our populations.I just put a little causes here.There is lac of time as well as lac of space for my readers. Next time I write about this topic with different field.Please, I request you all read it mindfully and like, share and comment on Facebook.Thanks

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