How to change the default site-title,language, timezone & date format in WordPress?

Steps for changing Site Title:  For changing site title you need to open admin and open Settings >> General. First filed “Site Title” to change title for the website it will display in <title> tag default.

Steps for change language:  WordPress is available in many languages like German,Spanish,Korean,French and many others. You can find languages list when you install the WordPress at that we can choose our default language.

Change timezone

Change timezone

If you forgot to change language on that time or want to change language after install WordPress then you can find settings in Word Press admin. Settings >> General. In that you find the “Site Language”  field. You can change the language which you prefer also attached screen shot where to it display in admin.

Steps for change timezone: For changing time zone you find settings in WordPress admin. Settings >> General. Open setting page now you can find “Timezone” drop-down. In timezone drop-down you can choose either a city in the same timezone as you or a UTC timezone offset. Then click on “Save Changes” button at bottom of the page. It will save your preferred configuration.

  • Timezone is currently in standard time in WordPress.
  • WordPress timezone does not observe daylight saving time.

Also You can change default date & time structure for globally in WordPress site. That fields also display below the timezone drop-down. There are two fields Date Format & Time Format. Both fields given few default options in radio button to  choose structure of the date & time but your format of date or time not available then you need to checked on custom format. In that radio button you can enter your own pattern to display the date & time. For that parameter you need to refer WordPress date & time from the WordPress codex site Click Here to check the parameters of the date & time.

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