Collective Nouns for Our betterment.

Nouns are nothing but the words that are using for the naming a person, a place or things. There are five types of nouns, among them collective noun is one. It denotes a group or collection of similar individuals considering as one complete whole. The collective noun also multitude of the same things considered as one.

This noun is very helpful for attending your competitive examinations as well as for the school examinations. Hence, helpful for your betterment.

Following are the some examples of collective nouns. We are knowing here a group or a collection’s name. Here, am providing many numbers of examples that will be helping you all a lot to know about the noun.

1. A swarm of aunts.
2. A fleet of ships.
3. A crowd of people.
4. A crew of sailors.
5.  A bundle of hay.
6. A bunch keys.
7. An army of soldiers.
8. A consignment of goods.
9. A suite of rooms.
10. A posy of flowers.
11. A herd of elephants.
12. A retinue followers.
13. A brood of chickens.
14. A board of directors.
15. A collections of stamps.
16. A string of camels.
17. A museum of art pieces and relics.
18. A council of advisers.
19. A peal of bells.
20. A flotilla of boats.
21. A flock of geese.
22. A volley of bullets.
23. A quiver of arrows.
24. A posse of constables.
25. A swarm of locusts.

Here, I like to writing some questions which are helping you all for selves valuations. Please, try them yourselves first and then matching them with the answers provided below.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate collective nouns.

1. A_________of laws.
2. A________of lectures.
3. A ________of stairs.
4. A______of hair.
5. A_______of soldiers.
6. A__________of geese.
7. A__________of pigs.
8. A________of ladies.
9. A_______of mountains.
10. A__________of mountain peaks.
11. A__________of sticks.
12. A_________of musicians.
13. A________of magistrates.
14. A_______of eggs.
15. A_________of pictures.
16. A_________of laborers.
17. A_______of pigeons.
18. A________of news.
19. A________of shots.
20. A________of horses.
21. A_________of partridges.
22. A__________of robbers.
23. A_____of ruins.
24. A__________ of bees.
25. A_________of hounds.


1. code, 2. course, 3. flight, 4. lock, 5. army, 6. flock, 7. litter, 8. bevy, 9. range, 10. chain, 11. faggot or bundle,, 13. board, 14. clutch, 15. gallery, 16. gang, 17. brace, 18. budget, 19. volley, 20. team, 21. convoy, 22. gang, 23. heap or mass, 24. hive or swarm and 25. pack.

These are some collective nouns for practices. Just try them and share to your friends also. Then matching your answers with mine. Please, like, comment and share this article. By doing this indirectly you also involving with others betterment as well as yours. Thanks.

Know the collective noun called together as.
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