Controlling Of Anger:-2

Anger is a human sense that totally spoil the humanity of a person. So,we need to controlled the anger properly. One who is able to know how to control it, that person get rides of every odds in his/her life. Already, there as an article about this topic published by me in this site. Before reading this one I request you please, go through that article.
From Gita’s verse

“Ragadvesa vimuktais tu visyan indriyais charan
Atma vasyais vidheyatm a prasadam adhigaccha ti”

The above verse means that ‘One who can control his/her senses by practicing the regulated principles of freedom can obtain the complete mercy of the Lord and thus become free from all attachment and aversion.’
From another verse of the Gita says that;

“Nasti buddhir ayujtasya na chautasya bhavnad
Na chabhavayatah shantir asantasya kutah sukham”

From the above verse we get the meanings as follows:- The person who is not controlling his/her mind and senses can have no reason; nor can such an undisciplined mind thinks about the GOD. The unthinking person can have no peace and how can he/she got happiness for one lacking peace in mind.
A verse from the Gita:-

“Indriyanam hi charatam yanmanoanu vidhiyate
Tadasya harati prajnam vayur navam ivambasi”

The above verse of the Gita means that:- As the wind carries away a boat upon the water; even so of the senses moving among sense- objects, the one to which the mind of joined takes away his/her discrimination.
The evils existing in an individual cannot be eradicated fully by the person. The GOD has explained the secret of doing so here. GOD says that “Keep the mind exposed to an atmosphere of tranquility consciously brought about through an intelligent life of self control is the secret where by all the evils can eliminated.”
Anger is caused due to feeling of insecurity and unhappiness or due to feelings of discouragement and despair. Therefore,a manager should always keep the anger away from his/her work place. He/she should do his/her duty consciously and intelligently by controlling himself/herself and citing an example for others.
He/she should always behave in gentle manner whether the subordinates give good or bad ideas,which may not be liked by him. He should be like a sea where the water of different tastes enters and still remains undisturbed. He should be able to merge the ideas and choose the best combination for the betterment of the organization.
The extra energy should be utilized fruitfully and properly to reduce the anger. We should engage ourselves with doing work.We should reduce the tone of our voice and divert to inanimate objects. Adopt forget and forgive attitude. We should trying to smile. We should remembered that a smile costs nothing,but it creates much effect of happiness and courtesy. It enriches the relationship and respect for each other. It happens within a flash of time, but we remembered it for a long time.
Smile creates happiness in the home,in work-place and everywhere. It is rest to the weary daylight to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad and nature’s best antidote for trouble. Yet, it cannot be begged bought,borrowed or stolen from others. But, it is something that is worth nothing to any one until it is given away.

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