How We Coping With Stress For Our Betterment?

Before going to write about stress,I like to write what is the stress means? Everyone in this busy world,may be facing with this stress. Study stress,examinations stress,business stress,work stress and so on.

What is stress? Stress may be understood as a state of tension experienced by individuals facing extraordinary demands, constraints or opportunities. The pressures of modern life, coupled with the demands of a job, can lead to emotional imbalances that combine to create stress.

According to me stress is the spice of our day today life. Therefore, absence of the stress make our life dull,monotonous and spiritless. The excessive stress caused by extraordinary demands i.e.cause us to lose something we desire, constraints i.e. things that keep us from doing what we desire or opportunities.

What are the sources of stress? Stressors are the things that causes the stress. It is important for a man to understand and be able to recognize the stressors because they cause the stress which influences our life,work,attitudes and behavior also.

How we coping with the stress? If we don’t want it,then also the stress is coming to everyone’s life. As it is not in our hand,but we have capable to coping with the stress. There are different way we can coping with it.

First, we should manage our food habit. The food habit causes a lot of stress with us. People like to eat unbalanced food in his/her life,that also causes a lot of stress. So, we must eat balanced food for coping with it.

Second, we should do regular exercises for coping with the stress. Morning walk is a vital way to do regular exercise. You know the morning walk help to you for maintaining good health. If once you able to get your good health,then you can able to coping with your stress easily.

Third, we can do Pranayam regularly for about thirty minutes per day that also helping us to coping with the stress. It is very helpful for our body as well as our mind.

Forth, Meditation is the another way for coping with the stress. Just sitting calmly and follow your breathing process that make your body cool and helping you to coping with your stress.

Examinations Stress:- Now, every house hold has getting this stress. The child who is school going,beings a lot of stress with it. Not only the student facing that stress,but their guardian also facing a lots of stress. Don’t panic for the examinations,just make a plan for coping with the situations,and prepare your own method for study and follow it regularly. Just be cool and sleep with peace and be calm instead of panic make your study more effective. Regular revisions and practice helping you a lot.

Follow my regulations and coping your stress greatly that never before. If you are able to do as I write here you able to coping your stress. Just share the article among your friends. Thanks

Just know about stress and how we able to manage with it.
  • Knowing the causes of stress and coping with it is helping you maintaining a healthy life style. Just read the article and know about it.
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