Discussion on admin screen of WordPress

In my last WordPress article i explained how to install WordPress. In this article i explain admin screen uses.
To open admin area you need to write your domain name then “wp-admin” For example  “xyz.com/wp-admin”.
It open below screen.

Now fill the “Username or Email” & “Password” when we install at that time we have created this value so we need to fill that detail and login in to admin screen of WordPress. It open below screen.

In above screen Mainly left side is admin menu navigation to open different setting in it. In WordPress contain mainly depends on the post_type & taxonomy. In default WordPress Three post_type called  “page , post & media” & Two taxonomy called “category & post_tag“. So you can see 3 main menu on the top “Posts,Media & Pages” display in below screen shot.

In Posts menu you can see 4 sub navigation

  1. All Posts : Display all posts (articles)  list here.
  2. Add New : For creating new post(article) for the website.
    Click on the  Add New to open below screen to create new post form.
    In above screen-shot left side 2 main field called “Title  & Description” & Right side separate section for the “Publish post settings , Format of the Post, Category add/selection, Tag add/selection & fettered image”
    here is explain each section of the form.
    1) Enter title of your post(article)
    2) Enter description for below screen field

    3) In right side first section “Publish”

    In Publish section
    1) Status: Mainly 3 type “Publish,Draft,Pending Review”Draft: publicly that post not available for watch only  admin user to watch that post and preview it how it looks.
    Publish: It publish post. now it display in website users.2)Visibility: You can control visibility for the post mainly it 3 types “Public,Private,Password protected”Public: Display post for every one who open website.
    Private: Only display in admin not for display other person who come on our website.
    Password protected: when you select these it ask for password for that post. when user come on you site to read these post it ask for password to read article in detail.3) Publish : Default is “immediately”. you can set date for future
    to schedule post when that time occurred it publish automatically in website.

    4)  In Right side second section “Format”.
    In these section radio button for the list of post format which type of the post create by user.

    5) In Right side third section “Categories”
    In these section user select to category for the post. They can select multiple options for categories. If they have not found categories on that list then click on the “Add new category”. It opens form below just type name of the category & click on the “Add New Category” button to create that then select that category.

    6)  In Right side third section “Tags”
     To add new tags for the post then just type name on the form then click on the add to assign that tags.
    If you have already have tags that assign for the post just click on the “Choose from the most used tags”
    it will display list of tags click on it to add.

  3. Categories : List of created all categories & creating new category for the post to assign.
  4. Tags : List of all tags & creating new tag for the post to assign.


In these article i discussion on the Post menu how it use for creating post for page. In next article i discussion on other settings. how to use that one?

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