Discussion on WordPress Admin screen for pages & media

In my Last article I explained how to create post ,categories & tags. In this article i explain how to create page, upload image works in WordPress.

  1. Learn how to creating pages in WordPress. Click on the Pages left side menu then click on the “Add New” To create new page. It opens below screen-shot page. First field for the title of the page then description of the page. You can copy past HTML code in text view then click on  the “Visual”.It display how text looks in front.
    Here is also publish in right side same features available in “Post Add Page”.
    New section is “Page Attributes“. First parameter is if your page is sub-page of other page then you need to select that page as parent in that drop-down. You can give that page order value in which place that page display in parent.
  2. Learn how to upload image in WordPress Page & Post. In “Add Page” Form page you can see the button “Add Media”. It open below page. In that Left you can see multiple option like “Create Gallery” , “Create Audio Playlist”,”Create Video Playlist”, “Featured Image” , “Insert From URL”. In right side two tabs one for the upload from your machine and second tab display list of images that you have uploaded yet.
    If you want to create Gallery of images then click on the “Create Gallery” then selected images that you want in you gallery in “Media Library” Or You can upload Files in  “Upload Files” tab. After select Click on the right side bottom blue color button called “Insert into Page Or Insert into Post”

    All images display in “Media” Menu. Click on that menu it open below page.In that you can see list of all images that uploaded in your WordPress blog For Upload new image click on the Add new button to upload from your local machine.
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