Discussion On WordPress Settings menu

In this article i explain how to use settings menu in WordPress.  Login in you WordPress Admin. After login click on the settings it opens first setting “General Settings” page. In that first field display website title. it  display in your website  as meta-title also tagline display in meta title.

WordPress URL for in which location you installed WordPress. Site URL store website landing page. If you have another page different from the WordPress page then you can add here URL so when you open your site it will open.

General Settings

Email Address: email address for admin user who get mail from WordPress. it also use in From parameter sending mail.
If  in your site user can comment on your post or membership website then you need to checked check box for the “Anyone can subscribe”. You can specify the role of the registered user default is “Subscriber”.
Then Website language you can control from admin it default when you installation time they ask for selecting language.
You can set website time zone in “UTC” also you have control on date format & time format.
When you change any settings you need to click on the “Save Changes”.
In that menu next settings for “Writing Settings” it opens below page.
Writing Settings

In “Writing Settings” You can select default category for the WordPress blog that category cannot delete by admin.
You can select which is your default post format. You can set Mail settings for to send mail also Update Services their when you publish your post it pings defined that field websites.
Next settings for “Reading Settings” it opens below page.
Reading Settings
In “Reading Settings” you can set home page display latest posts OR Static page. if you want to set static page then click on it it open below drop-down box in that drop-down you can select any page you have created in WordPress.
Also you can set Posts page selecting on the drop-down. You can control how many post display in each blogs page like category,tags. In blog feed how many items display that also control from “Syndication feeds field” set value on that field.

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