Easy Way to Learning English

A.For any age group and for any people it is important to know that English is very crucial to learn for their betterment.Learning it is not so hard as our any Indian Languages to learn.It is very hard to learn any one of our languages.I am not trying to blaming us or want to make the English best one. Instead of I trying to make you aware about to learning process and how to capture the Grammatical English easily.

1.As we know that English language contains only 26 alpha bates and all the words formed with them.No other matras are required for reading this language.

2.It is easy to writing and also easy to reading.Hence,maximum numbers of people from different countries can prefer this language for their betterment.Again this language has won capability to capture the world’s people.Now I am going to more easy way to learn this language.

B. First you all capture the formula to learn this language.That is you should learn all tenses thoroughly and understand it instead of remembering it. Then go to it’s parts of peaches and trying to uses of them.

1.Once you captured the tenses and parts of peaches then you can reads News-paper daily and trying to collecting five  new words from it.Then get it’s synonyms and antonyms as well.Then trying to make simple sentences from those words.If you followed this method regularly then your English will be easy within four months.You can’t further worried about it.

2.I advised my students also that for better English they should go through English News Chanel for about half an hour daily.You may do this in your leisure time.This practice also make your English very vital in your day to day life.If once your English is better then no-one stop you for your betterment  throughout your life.I hope you all who reads this article can apply  their life.Thanks all of my viewer.

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