Education to All for Our Betterment.

Education is nothing but it generate from time to time. If it is not possible then father’s dissatisfaction,mother’s circulation,friend’s suggestion. It is better to go bus-station, or railway-station or to join our cultivation. According to me this is the definition of our Education. It required efforts to grow everyday. We should put effort to generate it from time to time. If it would not possible then there is lots of problems appear in our life. So, today I like to write about the Education that’s need in our life. I hope all of you may like this topic as previous.

A.Education is Our Birth Right. The day when all children together told that education is their’s birth right,from then uplift taking place in our society. Till date around 30% children are illiterate in India. That means a large numbers of people are illiterate in our society. If all children can able to know the vitality of education and trying to got it as if their birth right then only our betterment possible.

B. Obstacles of the Education. There are many obstacles are hampering our Educational system. Firstly poverty,secondly interest, thirdly social and cultural impact,fourthly gender bias etc etc…. Poverty plays a vital role here for hampering our educational system. The poor people want to send their wards for work instead of sending them to schools. The poor needs bread first. therefore, as soon as a child is able to move his/her feet and hands, he/she is employed some where. Many uneducated parents are shows lacuna to send their children to schools instead they like to put them their own business. Our social and cultural system also stand as obstacles for the education. Gender discrimination till in force to making maximum numbers of girl child uneducated.

C. How Possible It. It can possible by awareness. Different types of advertisements are helping it better. Road shows,cinemas,dramas etc. have a great impact on the people. They can easily understand it. Now a days internet helps a lot. People who unable to learn how to read or write, but, they can able to know how to use phones or multimedia. Therefore, for improving education system we can use this largely.

D. Contributions. There are numbers of rules and regulations taken by our country to educate to all. Somewhere also it works. But, till not reached to every person’s. There are many non-governmental organisations(NGOs) also trying to their best for making 100% education in India. It is not possible till then all citizens of our country can contribute something for it. When all educated person can able to trying to spending some times for that, then only it worked. I hope it is time to do something for our nation. By sharing this article more and more can be somewhere it may possible. Please share it as vast as you can and participate in mission “Education for All” and our betterment life style.

U most open the link why we need to education to all.
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