Effect Of Simple Living And High Thinking.

Human means must valuable creature by God. Almighty make the human with a great brain power. They have capable to handle all the other creature of the God. They themselves believes the almighty of others. Always feels superior to others. They have also great power to make themselves superior. Each of them thoughts above all to others. Their thought indirectly laid them down, they never thinking about that.

According to me, it’s no doubt the human is very valuable creature of the God. It doesn’t mean that you see down the others. Now we human beings have very showing nature. Always believes ourselves as the great one. Never thoughts goodness of the others. We make ourselves down because of our thought. We are living in a high buildings but our thought is more less than an ant. Because of our this limitation we are facing a lots of down falls during our life.

Our showing nature make us squeeze. Our luxurious make us down. Our inhumanity activities make us less powerful. We ourselves go down and down because of our own guilt. We never felt guilty to make others down. No doubt our living style is improved but our thinking capability get squeezed.

We people is oriented about status, highly living style, luxurious maintenance but, indirectly make us down in comparison with other creature of the God. We forget our culture, our ethic, our great humanity, our power and so on. Our thought make us lesser than others, our thought is very very limiting now. Nowhere we find a humanity, instead of proud and anti-social persons. Some are criminal with the situations and others are because of their high ambitions.

Our high ambitions making ourselves down and down and we reached at the bottom of the least but, we never mind ourselves. We are doing lots and lots of mistakes in our life. I believed with “simplicity is the best policy to handle the whole world”. But, our society never helping for that. We are showing more to others which have also not with us. We are saying so much about us that never beings with us. Our highness make indirectly down, we never mind it.

I must want to say all of you that, must not showing your highness with your money, power or assets. Just show your highness to others by behaving highly with others, by showing kindness for others, by giving sympathy to the needy people etc. It shows our greatness, our great thought and our great motive as being the human beings. That’s affects our life, our living style, our thought, our personality and so on.

Simple living style is attracting by all human beings. Our simplicity make us different from others. our simplicity helping us to getting blessings from others. Our behavior attracts others greatly. If we are able to maintaining with simple life style we can easily make the world ours side. I believed with high thinking means we should thought goodness of others. We never compare ourselves with others. We must not follow the others badness make how famous to them. But, we must follow them whose greatness saves how much to others. Our thought make us down or up. Our behavior make us high or low. Please, trying to understand me and make yourselves the great human beings with simple living and high thinking. Make GOD to be proud as for his creation. Please, like,share and comment on this article. Thanks

Just read this article and trying to change your life style.
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