Exercise Of Future Continuous Tense.

Already, I wrote about the future continuous tense in my previous article.I hope you all can able to get it easily. How much you learn and gain the tense,you may be wanted to know about it? So, the exercise,that I am going to provide here,helping for your self evaluation. Therefore,you all should try these questions for solving yourselves and then matching with the answers provided below. If you are able to handling the questions yourselves then you would able to clearing about the tense.

Will power is the super-power among all the power present in this world. An example can prove this. Some years ago there was an American,named as Erick Weihen Mayer created history by becoming the first blind person to scale Mount Everest. Then he was thirty two years old,who lost his eye-sight due to a degenerative disease at the age of 13. Because of his will power he could able to impossible work possible. Hence,friends you should keep your presence for your work, the result will come positively.


Fill in the following blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets.
1. We________be_______a cricket match on coming Sunday.(play)
2. The first edition of my grammar book__________soon.(publish)
3. When we reached our village it_____________heavily there. (rain)
4. ___________you be__________part in the dance competition? (take)
5. They____________be _________in this singing competition. (participate)
6. My friends_________be_____________me on my coming birth day. (wish)
7. Priya___________for us at the time of appointment. (wait)
8. When my husband calls on me, I_______________my utensils. (wash)
9. The gardener __________the plants in the garden next month. (plant)

10. My students________________their lessons soon because of examinations.(revise)
11. My mother_________________her dinner when we come to her. (cook)
12. The students_______________when the teacher arrives. (noise)
13. They_______________each other in future also. (love)
14. She_________________in the pond after two years. (swim)
15. _______we be_______in this school after ten years? (read)
16. ____________they be________in this field after their early ninety? (play)
17. The peon_________the bell by the time they reach the college. (ring)
18. __________my brother_________his top position after five years? (get)
19. __________you be _________your daughter as you like your son? (like)
20. ___________they not __________in the play-ground when playing in there? (run)

The above questions are very pivotal to doing yourselves for your self evaluation. Hence, you need to do yourselves first then matching your answers with given tables.

Answers:- 1.shall,playing 2.shall,publishing 3. will be,raining 4. will,taking 5.will,participating 6. will,wishing 7. will be,waiting 8. shall be,washing 9. will be,planting 10. will be,revising 11.will be,cooking 12. will be,noising 13. will be,loving 14. will be,swimming 15. shall,reading etc. Next questions are left for you.

Do the exercise and share among your friends also. Thanks.

Do the exercises for your self valuation.
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