Exercise Helping You Know More About Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

You all know about the past perfect continuous tense with me vastly. Today,here I am writing about the applications based on the past perfect continuous tense. These applications are helping you all to knowing more about the tense. So, you all try for your best to know about it’s applications. These questions are helping you for your self valuations. 

God wants to show His favor in your life in greater ways today than He did yesterday. He wants you to be more blessed tomorrow than you are today. God has a thousand different ways to bring your dreams to pass. We think natural, God thinks supernatural. His power supersedes natural laws.


Fill in the following blanks with the correct tense of the verbs provided in the brackets.

1. They ___________on the stage for two hours.(dance)
2. Cricket team_____________in the ground since morning.(play)
3. I___________there for half an hour.(visit)
4 My friends________________their examinations since a month.(prepare)
5. You______not been _______ since evening.(speak)
6. __________you_________for me for an hour?(wait)
7. They_________not been ________football since last year.(play)
8. ___we__________in this school since our childhood?(read)
9. The Chinese ____________ for war for many years before they attacked India.(prepare)
10. We____________in a queue for an hour before the train arrived in the station.(stand)
11. She__________since July.(study)

12. They___________the sums for four hours when we joined with them.(solve)
13. Kangna_______preparations for four years before she appeared at the IAS examinations.(make)
14. He____________for two hours when she knocked at his door. (sleep)
15. Prem_________these foods since morning.(cook)
16. My mother_______not been_________such a game since her childhood.(play)
17. ______Sachin____________since morning in the playground?(run)
18. Gita__________for three hours on the stage.(dance)
19._________you___________in this pond since noon?(swim)
20. How long___________the two neighbors________when the my friend joined them? (quarrel)

Answers:- 1.had been dancing, 2.had been playing, 3.had been visiting, 4.had been preparing, 5.had speaking, 6.had been waiting, 7.had playing, 8.had, been reading, 9.had been preparing, 10.had been standing. Nest questions are solved yourself.

You all should practice these questions for your own betterment and share among your friends for theirs’ Thanks

Nice article for practicing ur past perfect continuous tense.
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