Do Exercise To Know More About Future Perfect Tense.

Gradually you all can able to know all about tenses with me here. Many of my friends said that, here I am using simple and effective method for expressing the tenses. You all may able to learn your tenses easily with me. Now I am also feeling very happy that, all of my friends are appreciated me for my writing. Thanks all of you for your love and affections. Because, of that I can get a lots of courage and inspirations for further writing.

Here, I am going to providing the exercise which helping you a lot for know more about the future perfect tense. Actually this exercise helping for your self valuations. How much you gain from my previous article,it make you aware about that? So, do all the following questions provided here.


Fill in the following blanks with correct tense of the verbs given in the brackets.
1. My friend Diya_______________half of her journey next week. (cover)
2. My students_____________their lessons by tomorrow. (revise)
3. I______________my books till coming month. (finish)
4. The plain_____________by the time I reach the airport. (land)
5. Mahi______not have_______her lessons before her examinations started. (revise)
6.___________PalakĀ  not have _______her work by 8 P.M. at the evening? (do)
7. You_______________the plans how to celebrate the anniversary. (discus)
8. The picture_________________by the time they reach the hall. (start)
9. ______you______your duties by 9 P.M.? (finish)
10. I ___________exercises before the sun rises. (take)

11. The farmers______not_____the harvest before April. (reap)
12. Charmi____________her exercises before sun sets. (take)
13. Om ________his lessons by next Sunday. (complete)
14. We_____________the major parts of our work by the Friday. (complete)
15.__________I not have ________that book before my examinations? (read)
16. __________you___________in the pond on your summer vacations? (Swim)
17. In the newspaper you_______________about the road accident that took place tomorrow said reporter. (read)
18. The policeman ______________the thief at the night.(caught)
19. He_________not have_________you so much before your marriage. (love)
20. Your teachers_______________you a lot if you do well in the examinations. (appreciate)

Answers:- 1.will have,covered 2.will have, revised 3.Will have, finished 4.will have,landed 5.will,revised 6.will,done 7.will have,discussed 8.will,have,started 9.will have,finished 10.Shall have,taken etc. rest you should do yourselves

These questions are helping you all a lot for self valuation. Therefore, do all the questions for self valuations and share among your friends to know the tenses. Thanks.


The exercise helped u a lot to know your future perfect tense.
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