How General Knowledge(G.K.) Helpful For Yours Betterment?

Yesterday, I already wrote the important days of January month of 2018. Today, I am going to write about the important days of February month of 2018. Instead of that you all also know about the February is the month of Loves and affections. Here I provide numbers of information about this month.

Important days of February for exam. bases and important days for love bases both I am going to provide here. What ever you need you most get here. You most keep patients for that, day will come I may write that articles for your requirement.

You all may aware about the important’s of G.K. for all competitive examinations. Therefore, I like to write all fields of that for your betterment. You all stay with me and visit my site for collecting lots of information about your requirement. Following table contains the important days in February for exam. base:-

Dates of February. Important Events.
1-Feb. Indian Coast Guard Day.
2-Feb. World Wetland Day.

 World Cancer Day.

National Day of Sri Lanka.

 5-Feb.  Kashmir Solidarity Day.
 6-Feb.  International day of zero tolerance to female.
 7-Feb.  Starting of International Development Week.
10-16 Feb. International Balloon Flying Festival.

 World Day of the Sick.

World Marriage Day.

 20-Feb.  World Day of Social Justice.
 21-Feb.  International Mother Language Day.

Central Excise Day.

World Sustainable Energy Day.

28-Feb. National Science Day.

Now I am going to provide about dates of February for Loves and Affections. The information are as provides below table:-

Dates Of February Information about it.
7-Feb. Rose Day.
8-Feb. Propose Day.
9-Feb. Chocolate Day.
10-Feb. Teddy Bear Day.
11-Feb. Promise Day.
12-Feb. Hug Day.
13-Feb. Kiss Day.
14-Feb.  Valentine’s Day.
15-Feb. Slap Day.
16-Feb. Gift Return Day.
17-Feb. Kick Day.
18-Feb. Quarrel Day.
19-Feb. Convince Day.
20-Feb. Breakup Day.
21-Feb. move to Another guy.

Above two tables helpful for both category people. Who needs their betterment both in career as well as for getting a family.

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