How General Knowledge(G.K.) Helpful For Yours Betterment?

I like to inform you about March which is the Third month of the Julian Calendar and Gregorian Calendar. The word “March” is named after the Roman God of War “Mars.” Initially, March was the first month of the year in the Roman Calendar as it is associated with the first day of the spring. The third month of the year also marks the time when the war will resume after the long winter months. In India spring season started with the starting of this month. The atmosphere is very pleasant and weather is very beautiful. Every living being like this month so much.

Daffodils are the flowers blossoming in this March,and symbolizes as the nature’s beauty,  where as aquamarine and blood stones are taking birth in this month. The birthstones are symbolizes as the courage Every day in March is attached with some special celebrations, holidays, festivals, and special observations. This month has it’s own specialization. Every plants,herbs and shrubs are blossoming in this month. Every where is spreading of happiness. I like to write the important days of this month which present in the following table:-

March Days. Important Of These Days.

National Pig Day.

Peanut Butter Lovers Day.


World Prayer Day.

National Salesperson Day.

Employee Association Day.


World Wildlife Day.

National Cold Cut Day.

National Anthem Day.


 International Scrap booking Day.

National Security Day.

 5-Mar.  World Tennis Day.
 7-Mar.  No smoking Day.

 International Women’s Day.

World Kidney Day.

 9-Mar.  CISF Raising Day.
10-Mar. International Wig Day.
11-Mar. World Plumbing Day.

National Girl Scout Day.

Central Industrial Security Force Day.

14-Mar. International Ask a Question Day.
15-Mar. World Consumer Rights Day.
16-Mar. World Sleep Day.
18-Mar. National Bio diesel Day.

World Disabled Day.

International Clients Day.

International Read to me Day.

20-Mar. International Happiness Day.
21-Mar. International Forest Day.
22-Mar. World Water Day.
23-Mar. World Meteorological Day.

World Tuberculosis(TB) Day.

Earth Hour Day.

26-Mar. Bangladesh Liberation Day.
27-Mar. International Whiskey Day.
30-Mar. National Doctors Day.

World Backup Day.

Eiffel Day.

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