How Good Manners Helpful Our Betterment?

A.Today I convey all of you about Good Manners. How it is helpful for our betterment life. You know “where medicine started to stop it’s work there blessing started it’s work”. That means our Good Manners save us from all types of negativity. All most all Indian family is aware about it. Every people know how it is. But, now a days it’s effectiveness goes down and down. So, here I have a little try to make all of you aware about it. I request please spent some of your valuable time for this article and gain a lot of effective massages for your betterment.

B. Good Manners are the sweeteners of life.Generally our life is dull and prosaic. Good manners are the music that make life fascinating and poetic. “Nothing clears up my spirits like a fine day”.by taking blessings from our parents, our teachers, our elder brothers or sisters even if from any elderly people.

C. For learning Good Manners we never spend any cost. They are like the sweet song of the nightingale which pleases everyone. They are required everywhere. First of all we require them at home. Here, the manners mean giving due respect to our elders and beings polite to everyone. Generally our parents or any family members are making aware about it. Secondly we learn it from our school also. Teachers making aware about it there. They also make us aware about it’s effect throughout our life.

D.Here I want to describe about Good Manner students. Those students who are aware about the effectiveness of this they know how to do it. A Good Mannered student touches the feet of his parents every morning and evening. He/she is careful not to speak anything unpleasant to anyone.Such a Good Mannered person needed by everyone in this society. That student is liked by every teacher,other students,friends,neighbors, and everyone.

A. Good Manner persons are good social fellow. So, they are needed for social life which is the highest important for such people. They have a quality to attract every person who is contact with him/her. Such a person can able to loved by everyone as well as she/he become the example for other parents who guide their children. Therefore, learning this quality is very crucial for everyone and also helps for building the better society. This quality also help the person for his/her betterment.

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