How Helpful English Tenses For Your Betterment?

Today, I like to provide English Tenses which are the most required for your learning English. You all may aware about the Tenses but, I like to writing here simple English Tenses. You may easily handling them. These are also helping for learning good English. If you thoroughly learn here these tenses, your spoken as well as your writing English improved than never before.

You need to just remembering them and practice them from time to time. You most choose those friends whom you talking with English and charting with this Language. You most know that your mother tongue is very vital for learning it because it is important for handling your nearer and dearer relationship. But, you most learn English as it is a Global Language. Where ever you like to go, there you should need this Language. I am not hatting my mother tongue but I know for the uses of this language. If you really want your betterment then you should learn it otherwise you squeeze yourself. Don’t be arrogant for learning this language. Many people like to object it, but, that’s not right friends. If something possesses good quality you most accept that instead of objecting that.

What is Tense? Tense is nothing but the time. They just represents time nothing else. There are three main types of tenses.
A) Present, B)Past and C) Future. These tenses are again sub-divided four groups.
They are like as:-1)Simple, 2)Continuous, 3)Perfect and 4)perfect continuous.

A) Present Tense:-
1) Present Simple
2) Present Continuous
3) Present Perfect and
4) Present Perfect Continuous

Here I like to describe one by one,how you should use them in your day to day life.
1) Present Simple Tense:-
These tenses are called simple because these are contains only subject and a main verb.                      
Affirmative Sentences

First Person Second Person Third Person

I read.

We play.

You Dance.

Do as

S/He or it sings.

They run.

As there is no use of helping verbs so, by taking help of do/does verbs we create the Negative Sentences. They are as follows:-           
Negative Sentences

First person Second Person Third Person

I don’t read.

We don’t play.

You don’t Dance.

Do as

S/he or it doesn’t sing.

They don’t run.

Interrogative Sentences (positive)

First Person Second Person Third Person

 Do I read?

Do we play?

 Do you dance?

 Does s/he or it sing?

Do they run?

We also able to write the Negative Interrogative sentences as follows:-

First Person Second Person Third Person

Don’t I read?

Don’t we play?

Don’t You dance?

Doesn’t s/he or it sing?

Don’t they run?

Please, you all should read it for your own betterment and share it among your friends for their betterment. Do go for others,then God do better for yours. Thanks all of you. Never forget to share it and comment on it. Tomorrow I will write about Present Continuous Tense.

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