How Helpful The Relationships With Gurus’ For Our Betterment?

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Today, I like to continue my yesterday’s topic. Because of lack of space on my page I left the article. Yesterday, I got good responses from my friends that’s why I like to continue the topic further. I am very hopeful for today’s topic also. Thanks all of you for your loves and responses to my Articles.

I already wrote this Sanskrit shloka¬† “Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah, Guru Saakshaata Parambrahma Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah” in my previous article. I told you for the works of our GOD Brahmaa and Vishnu. Today, I like to write about Maheshwarah. You all know about him as Bhola-Shankar. You all are correct but, instead of that He also the GOD of death. He punished us for our bad did. He blessed us for our good did also. As like him our Gurus’ have that supreme power. If they blessed us that would help us for touching the pic,where as if they Blight us,that would enough for our down fall. Therefore, our Gurus’ are comparing with the God Shankar. I hope you all are like to agreed with me.

There are numbers of examples for supporting my topic. Now a days many students are dis-obedient to their teachers and hence, maximum numbers of person are getting failure in their life. These persons are the curse for our society. They never believed anybody else. They thought themselves great and prefer to like hampering the atmosphere. I hope you all may aware about that things. Such people are always trying to hampering others. They not only hampering outer but also they hampering to their own nearer and dearer. Such persons never mind to make their own parents down.

Now I like to describe about obedient students. The students or pupils who loved by all. They are well-behaved. They are loved by their parents as well as by their neighbors. When they are going to started their students life, all the teachers are also loving them. They are blessing by parents,neighbors,elders as well as by the teachers. Such type of students are never get failure in their life. They always touch the pic of their successful life.

Some of my friends are complaining to me about that. They are telling me that there is no such Gurus’ who take care of their pupils instead they all are commercial. That is not right. I like giving you numbers of Gurus’ who help numbers of pupils to making their life. You all just stay with me here I most provide you examples about such types of Gurus’. To be Continue:-


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