How Helpful The Relationships With Gurus’ For Our Betterment?

From last two days I am writing the relationships with our Gurus or teachers How that helpful for our betterment? I got world wide responses for my articles. Thanks to all of you for giving me so much love and affections. Your contributions for reading the articles encourages me a lot. Friends I request you all, please, share these articles among your friends and make me a successful blog. Thanks again as being part of my friends.

I already describe our Gurus’ who comparing with the Tri Dev of our mythology. In the Sanskrit shloka   “Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah, Guru Saakshaata Parambrahma Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah”I am not interesting to describe it again but I like to continue the topic by providing examples for supporting my articles.

There is a girl whom I know better than me. She belongs to a poor family. Her family’s financial problem is very bad. Her father is unable to afford her study. But she is a very good student. She is obedient,good mannered,well-behaved,punctual and regular student. All her teachers loved her too much. They are liking her also. They are helping her a lot. Even if they teaches her freely. They sent her for any competition by affording their packets. Not a single teacher like her so much but all the teachers are liking her too much.

After passing out her 10th,her father was unable to sent her to college. But, she was a hard working and determine girl. She like to doing her college instead of all odds. When she took admission in the college, all the professors also loved her too much there. They also helping her a lot for her study. Because of her good qualities, everyone liked her in the college also. She is beloved of everyone in the college. She was good student as well as a well-behaved girl,so easily loved by anyone who came to her life. All professors were helping her a lot instead of getting no payment.

After she completing her college, she enter into a University. She was also attracted by all professors and seniors because of her good manner. Now she is a responsible person for our country. Her poverty is not able to obstacle on her way because of blessing of her Gurus and elders. She has possess good character as well as good name and fame. Anyone who meet her,most love her because of that qualities. I like to writer her story shortly due to lack of space and time. She is where now only because of her Gurus. Therefore,I request you all, if you would really want your betterment,please, maintain yourself good way. Gurus blessings are giving you a well life style not only this but makes you a famous person among cored of people. Thanks all of you for staying with me.


This article contains the relationship between the teacher and students
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