How Helpful The Relationships With Gurus’ For Our Betterment?

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Yesterday,I already wrote about the topic. Because of lack of spaces I left the topic. Today, I going to continue that topic. Many people and friends give me good responses about the topic. So, it increases my confident for further writing. Please, you all give me a lots of support by writing comments on the article. Even if you dislike the topic then also you would informed me about that. For any changes you wants on the articles then also write me. Over all please, read the articles and write me your views. Your views are my pleasure. Thanks all of you a lot as being my friends.

You all may know the Sanskrit shloka  “Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah, Guru Saakshaata Parambrahma Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah”. This is the great shloka which describe about the Guru who teach us and we learn from them every things. Like name, fame, personality, education,health,wealth and over all our characters build by them. The teachers are building our characters. They make us successful in our life. Parents bring us in this world but, teachers make us a human.

During our life time we learn many things. Teachers are making us such a human being that we can able to ac-chive every things. If you would able to get a shat Guru in your life, then you can modify your life. They have possess a great power in them to modify anyone else who come to him/her. We just require to give due respect to them.

I like to request all of you,  the teacher due to who you modify yourself and you stands yourself in this world,please never forget him/her in your life. When you got time please, try to contact with him/her. They have very kind-heart. They are blessing you a lot if you meet him or trying to contact with him/her. Gurus are comparing with Brahamaa who is known as the God of creation in our Hindu’s Mythology. So, our Gurus are the God for creating us as the human. A shat Guru also trying to build our characters which is must valuable things for a human.

Again Vishnu, who is known as the father i.e. palana karta who cherish us and provide us that things which we required in our life. Gurus also compare with the Vishnu for cherish us. When required, they also trying to cherish us by providing required things for life. To be continue:-

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