Homo Phonic:-16; Needs For Developing English Vocabulary.

For knowing proper English, we must required to know the uses of some common homo phonic words which are sounding same way but actually their meanings are different from each other. My articles about homo phonic words are very very vital to handle that problems. If one can able to learnt them regularly, then only can able to manage the words. I request you all must read and collect them within spending some times here only. Following are the some more homo phonic words which make you confuse to using in your day today life. Here, there are more numbers of homo phonic words with meaning and uses. Just use them in your life and it influences your English knowledge a lot. Following are the some Homo Phonic words for your betterment.

85. (a) Leech:-   A type of worm that lives in wet places and fastens itself onto the bodies of humans and animals to feed on their blood.
Example:- That pond is full with the leeches, please, stay away from that pond.

(b) Leach :-  When a chemical substance leaches or is leached from a material, especially soil, it is removed by the action of water passing through the substance.

86. (a) Lead :-  To control a group of people, a country, or a situation.
Example:- Please, lead properly these people.

87. (a) Led :- Past and past participle form of  lead. It also light emitting device.

Example:- Led are the most useful devices now a days which consumes less electricity.

88. (a) Leek :- A long, white vegetable with green leaves on top that tastes and smells like an onion.

Example:- The taste of leek is like the onions.

(b) Leak :- To escape from a hole or crack in a pipe or container; (of a container) to allow liquid or gas to escape.
Example:- Please, check the leak of the pipe line.

89. (a) Lessen:- To become or make something smaller in amount or degree.
Example:- Try to describe your story lessen way.

(b) Lesson:- A period of time in which a person is taught about a subject or how to do something.
Example:- Students are asking the teacher for describing the topic. To be Continue:-

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