Homo Phonic Words:- 19; Needs For Our Betterment.

There are numbers of words which are sounding similarly but, actually they are not the same words. Sometimes may their spellings are same but, according to the sentences their meaning may be different. That’s why we need to knowing about the Homo Phonic words for improving our English knowledge.

There are numbers of articles already publishes for knowing about the Homo Phonic Words. Here, I am adding more numbers of such words for your further study.

101. (a)-   Made: past and past participle form of make.

Uses: One should made its won way for his/her success.

101. (b)- Maid: A female domestic helper is called maid.

Uses: Because of corona virus our maid had been not coming for work since last 4 months.

102. (a)- Male: Man or male person.

Uses: There are no male persons in our house now please, come later.

102. (b)- Mail: System of sending letters, things etc.

Uses: Till now I am not getting the mail you send for me.

103. (a)- Main: Importance of something.

Uses: Please, only used the main motives of the letter.

103. (b) Mane: A growth of long hair on the neck of a horse.
Uses: There are very thick mane of this horse.

104. (a) Maze: A network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way.
Uses: The office has a maze and a walled Italian garden which helps to identify the office easily.

104. (b) Maize: A Central American cereal plant that yields large grains.
Uses: My husband likes to eat the maize very much.

105. (a)- Mall: A large enclosed shopping area.
Uses: There are many numbers of malls in our locality.

105 (b)- Maul: Type of animal
Uses: Don’t killed the maul smelled your hand.

106. (a)- Mare: The female of a horse.
Uses: People wants to sit on this mare.

106. (b)- Mayor: The head of a town, borough, or county council, elected by council members and generally having purely ceremonial duties.
Uses: Our mayor is very active fellow.

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