How to install WordPress?

Now a days the web development most popular among the young generations. CMS(Content Management System) is a WordPress.By using WordPress you can create your site within a few hours. In this article I discuss about how to install WordPress in a localhost or in the web-hosting.

For installing WordPress, first we need to download setup files from their official websites.
Click on the above link URL it is helping you for opening page like below screenshot.
WordPress Download

Click on the “Download WordPress” button, it will take  1-2 minutes to download setup zip files.

For installing the localhost, you need to install XAMMP or WAMP server in your system. I have installed XAMMP in my system so, it needs to copy that zip file in my “htdocs” directory. There it creates a folder with your website named as like “” then you need to copy the zip in these folders and extract zip files here using any programs that you have installed for unzip file. In WAMP server in  “www” directory you need to create folder “” & copy it zip file there and extract it. Extracting process is display as shown below in the video.

1. After extracting files, you need to open browser to run the project. In browser type “http://localhost/” it will open the WordPress that Install setting page like shown in the below screenshot.
Step 1

First setting page ask in which language you need to install WordPress. Select your language then click on the continue button. It display below screenshot.
Step 2

We need to get database details for next step and it will stores in wp-config.php files. If your directory has not wanted permission, then you need to write manually. You force to create a file and write code for that. Here we need to create database in local “http://localhost/phpmyadmin”. Enter the database name and set the collection to “utf8_general_ci”  and click on the create button to create database as shown on the attached screenshot.

Now Click on the “Let’s go!” button on WordPress that installation screen to fill database detail for it.

Step 3

In above screenshot I have filled database detail that created the link, then click on the submit button for next step.
Step 4

Click on the “Run the Installation” as shown on the below screenshot.
Step 5

Now you need to fill all details in the 3 ways that are most important for the formation.
1) we need to write user-name, so no one can knew it easily.
2) we need to write password with good strength, so no one can guess easily.
3) Search engine visibility. If you don’t want to crawl by any search engine then you need to checked that checkbox.

After click on the Install Button you can see success screen like shown on below screenshot.

Step 6

Now you can click on login button to login in your WordPress admin area. You can see your front site “http://localhost/” and open admin area “http://localhost/”.

In my next article technical  I will discuss on admin area settings. Here is the video for installing WordPress steps.

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