How to Manage Our Time?

A. Introduction. All of you aware about that, “Time & Tide never waits.” That’s absolutely true. When we work, when we sleep, when  what ever we done time is passing away. It never waits for anybody else. We all have 24 hours and we all get different public faces. That means utilizing that 24 hours different person gets different personality. So, it is very essential to manage the time that we have. In this article I trying to making all aware about the time and it’s use.

B.Time Distribution: It is priority to that all of you must trying to manage your time according to your work-basis. Each-person have different working processes. Students have study materials for their work, where as teachers have different. Similarly house-wife has different work than that of working ladies. As doing works are different we should manage our time according to that. We most fixed sleeping time that’s from 6-8 hours daily for our healthy and stress free life. Making a Time-Table is very important for all of us. It helps us a lot for doing our day-today life.

C.Time Management: Time management is, in fact, life management. After all, life is a span of time. Therefore, we must learn to manage time properly. The sooner we learn it, the better for us it. As students, our priority duty is to learn our study materials. They should devote most of their precious time in educating themselves. No doubt, we have to do many other works like eating,playing,resting,sleeping etc etc……But they should focused for their study only.

D.Conclusion: Let us therefore, resolve not to waste much time on listening TV, not focusing on internet, not put interest on face-book or any other social medias. Such types of activities  make you always worst. These works by students always wastage of money, time and their precious life also. These activities affect their body, mind, eyes and killed their future also.Since the time is limited for us we should be aware about that and managing our time proper way. Those who spoil their time above away, the time will come they must spoiled by time. Therefore, I like to suggest you all please mindfully read this article and trying to manage your precious time according to your occupation. If you all able to manage your precious times then you can be doing better in your life.I hope this article help all of your betterment.


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