How to read for your Betterment?

  1. Waking time: From our early life we learn that for our betterment should waking early in the morning.Waking early in the morning means making the person HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE.So, my friends who wants to betterment your life first trying to wake up early in the morning.
  2. Early riser get more time for doing their work. They become very smart, very beautiful, attractive body, they have many stamina to do any work. Over all early risers have sharp brain as well as capacity of brain increases.
  3. Doing Yoga and Pranayam: Everyday spending only half an hour for this one can become more efficiency than others. Everyday one can practice for that. For your better life you should get for that.One day doing yoga, next day doing pranayam. Every alternate day doing this for your better life.
  4. Taking Break:During study time you should take break for fifteen minutes for every one hour study.Following this process one can able to spend more and more time than the person who never takes any break during study.Our brain gets more space for storing the study materials.Taking break make you more efficient student comparativaly from others who never tooks that.
  5. Eating way:For your betterment you should eat every types of fruits, vegetables and home making foods. This practice make you more efficient than others.Just take a little amount food in every two hours.This habit make you fit for spending more time and focusing in your study.
  6. Not Involving with home mater :: A good student always free from his or her home matters. No enter fear there. This makes the student absent minded and having lacuna for their study.So, my request throughout your student life you should keep distance from your home problems.
  7. Sleeping Time:A good student should required to get peaceful sleep. Sleep makes the brain more efficient.Our storage machine gets more space for capturing your study.As we know early to bed and early to rise make us healthy, wealthy and wise.
  8. Way of Life: A student’s life as like as a sanyas life. Just stay away from your opposite sex category. This makes a stent fickle minded and make him/her absent minded which creat problem in once study life.
  9. Study Process :Every day complete  your home works.Every Sunday  recoll the weakly study materials and taking two days for reapiting your monthly works.
  10. Study During Examination : First don’t panic during examination time. Make your body cool by doing pranayam. Secondly never study throughout night. Thirdly eat balanced diet and sleep well. Fourthly left all type of study before going to examination hole. Left your study materials before three hours of your examination start. If one can follows all above rules and regulations he/she can able to achieve all his/ her wishes that he/ she want to be.
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