How We Manage Our Stress?

Today I like to make aware about stress. Where it comes from? How we manage it in our day today busy life. Once we able to handling the stress we facing during our life we can able to maintain ourselves easily.

A. Where we get stress? Modern age is the age of competition. First, there is a competition when it comes to studies. It is not easy to get admission in an institute of one’s choice. Even if it is not easy to get admission in nursery classes.  ‘Then there is the competition in job or business. There are a hundred candidates for every job. This cut throat competition creates stress.

B. Result of Stress This stress doesn’t help anyone. It only creates hurdles and difficulties. It also creates different types of diseases. Sometime people affected with mental disorderliness. Person can be do many annuity-social works. Stress can harm our thought, our goodness and trying to control us.

C. How to remove it? First, we should try to educate ourselves. We must try not to be tense. Secondly, we can use yogic exercises like pranayama and other breathing exercises. Morning walk can also be very useful. For removing stress we can do meditation and also become devotion. Along with these things, a balanced diet will be of great use.We can eat lots of fruits and vegetables for getting good health and sound body.

D. Consequence  As we know what we eat affects our body and mind. To avoid stress, we can take good food habits, healthy life style, making good friends and taking certain precautions also. The work will not accumulate. If we work according to a plan. Working with great plan can save us from stress. We should make a time table. According to that we can work also.This will avoid any panic situation and help us a lot to live with stress free life.Once we can able to live stress free life,we can handle all situation.From then our betterment started.

So, live stress-less life according to my style and manage yourself stay cool and calm everywhere and every situation.

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